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An example of how the use the site — Registry of Deeds Index Project


The purpose of this page is to demonstrate how you might use the database effectively.


The usual starting point is a search of the database on the search page.
Search page

Say we started with wanting to find deeds involving Andrew Croker. We could have started with searching for something other than a name such as residence or something in the comment field. You would enter this into the appropriate fields on the search page so it would look like the following.

The result of the query would be like the following:
Result from query

Today 39 rows were returned by the query. Let us focus on one of the rows of the query this has Memorial number = 102702
a row from results

To find what is in this deed we click on the link at the number 102702.

The result of the query would be like the following:
Abstract of memorial

The memorial of this deed is also transcribed on the website: Transcription of 102702

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