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Say we started with wanting to find deeds involving Andrew Croker. We could have started with searching for something other than a name such as residence or something in the comment field. You would enter this into the appropriate fields on the search page so it would look like the following.

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Today 42 rows were returned by the query. Let us focus on one of the rows of the query this has Memorial number = 102702
a row from results

To find what is in this deed we click on the link at the number 102702.

Memorial extract — Registry of Deeds Index Project

Memorial No: 102702

   Type of deedDate of current deed15 Feb 1728VolPageMemorial 
   4 part releaseDate of earlier deed     150413102702 
NoRole(s) in earlier deed(s)Role in current deed(s)Family nameForename PlaceOcc or titleA
A P1CROKEREdward (the elder)ofRawleighstown LIMEsq 
B P1CROKERJohnofBallyneguard LIMEsq, Eldest son and heir apparent of A 
C P1CROKEREdward (the younger)ofCahircorney LIMEsq [eldest son of B] 
D P1CROKERAndrewof Esq, second son of BA
E P2ATKINSONAnthonyofCamgort OFFEsq 
F P2DILLONJohnofQuartertown COREsq 
G P3STAUNTONThomasofDublinMaster of High Court of Chancery 
H P3MAUNSELLWilliamofNewcross TIPEsq 
I P4TAYLORWalterofRaheen GALEsq 
J P4TAYLORElizabethof spinster, only daughter of I 
K reputed former ownerLYNCHJamesofBridge St, Galway  
L OHYNDESWilliamofBridge St, Galwayalderman 
M reputed former ownerLYNCHDr NicholasofKirwans Lane, Galway  
N OFRENCHMartin (FitzRobert)ofKirwans Lane, Galway  
O reputed former ownerKIRWANThomas ReighofKirwans Lane, Galway  
P OWALLMarkusofKirwans Lane, Galwayalderman 
Q reputed former ownerKIRWANMarcusofKirwans Lane, Galway  
R OIRWINErasmusofKirwans Lane, Galway  
S reputed former ownerBLAKEValentine (Sir)ofMartins Lane, Galway  
T OFARMERStephenofMartins Lane, Galway  
U reputed former ownerBROWNDominick (Sir)ofMartins Lane, Galway  
V reputed former ownerLYNCHMartinofMartins Lane, Galway  
W OWALLMarcus (Sir)ofMartins Lane, Galway  
X reputed former ownerKIRWANDenisofKirwans Lane south side  
Y OSHAWRobertofKirwans Lane south side  
Z WDCONNELLJohnofMagherry CLAEsq 
AA WD WMRYVESWilliamofCastle Jane LIMEsqA
AB WMBELLWilliamofDroum TIPGentA
AC RegSAUNDERSJamesof Dep Registrar 
AbstractMS of D and J £1000 marriage portion secured of various properties in Galway. Life use by D of hounses in Galway reversion to B; lands of Anhitt Life use of D then his sons in default to heirs of B
MSMS Date registered18 Apr 1752 Date abstract added20070401 

Abstract made by: nickred


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