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Idx No Volume Page Memorial number Year current deed Month current deed Day current deed Current deed type MS or W Person codeFamily nameForname sTitleResidenceRole current deed Role earlier deedYear earlier deed Month earlier deedDay earlier deed Signed memorial Date registered Comments                        indexer dup tag date added
737831237401709829L + R ACROKERAndrewmerchantCity of CorkP1     16 Nov 1709Sale of plowland of Tercullenmore, psh Kilwatermoy, Co Cork. Sworn 30 Aug 1709AnneChamney 20070401
738331237401709830L + R  CROKERAndrewMerchantCork CityP1D    A10 Nov 1709various ploughlands in By of Cossmore & Cosabride, WATMOS 20070401
739131237401709829L + R  CROKERAndrewmerchantCork CityP1     16 Nov 1709Tercullenmore [Tircullen] WAT - 5s in lease and £534-10 in release P1 to P2 [brothers?]nickred 20070401
30829913933841708314L + R ACROKERAndrew Knocknescarfe, Co WaterfordP1     12 Nov 1712Lands of Knocknescarffe, By Cossmore & Cossbride. Sworn 14 Mar 1708AnneChamney 20070401
3613611257447017131112Indenture release  CROKERAndrewMerch'tCork cityWD;WD     1713-12-3 VancouverMike 20070401
3613311257447017131112Release FCROKERAndrewmerchantCork CityWD WM 170848A3 Dec 1713Glanaboy WAT, £200 for release for evernickred 20070401
49330182582311716109ID  CROKERAndrewMerchantCork CityP1      piece of land on the river LEE -- bowling greennickred 20070401
489521735790991714315ID Lease DCROKERAndrew  O     15 May 1717A to B of plot 62'9" in length betw. holdings of C & D, in new street on marsh formerly called Bowling Green Marsh in Cork city, backwards to wall of D's ground, for 999 yrs at £6 ster p.a.VancouverMike 20130609
489561735790991714315ID Lease HCROKERAndrewMerchantCork cityWD     15 May 1717 VancouverMike 20130609
4913417391921017141030ID Lease ICROKERAndrewMerchCork cityWD     1 Jun 1717 VancouverMike 20130609
5559022145116461714123Indented deeds of lease + release BCROKERAndrewmerchantCork cityP2     4 Aug 1718land on the river Lee's bank in Cork city, bounded on the South and East with the river and on theWest by C's holding and on teh North by C + D's holding formerly called the Bowling Green for evernickred 20101019
55798222281187117161122mortgage ACROKERAndrew City of CorkP1     15 Sep 1718Mortgage on property on NE marsh of City of Cork. House on the ground incomplete & A needs money to complete it & make it habitable. Borrowing up to £60 for the purpose. Sworn 31 Jul 1718,AnneChamney 20090410
5487821446120891718418ID ACROKERAndrewmerchantlate City of Cork, but then City of LondonP1aP2 bP21715122 8 Nov 1718By lease & release dated 3 & 4 Dec 1714, C sold land on the banks of the River Lee to A. A has built on the land and by deed dated 2 Dec 1715 raised a mortgage for £200 from D B now paying D £189:14s and A £351 for the property free of provision of redemption. Sworn 9 Sep 1718,AnneChamney 20090426
5488721446120891718418Indented deed  CROKERAndrewmerchantlate city of Cork now of LondonP1a: P2; b: P1; c: P11715112 8 Nov 1718a: dated 3 & 4 Dec 1714; b dated 2 Nov 1715; c dated 9 & 11 Oct 1816nickred 20070401
979825137434050172524mortgage  CROKERAndrewmerchantDouglas near Cork cityP1P217231021  mortgage of house and lands in Youghal set and farm let in earlier ded for livesnickred 20070401
131177704754914617301111lease  CROKERAndrewEsqsecond son of John CROKER EsqP1 L      P1 to P2 for lives @ £8 pa above quit rent etc, houses and land in Galwaynickred 20070401
14063679102547971733418deed  CROKERAndrewEsqRaheen GALP1      Kinway and Barregregory in Barony of Carra co Mayo from P1 tp P2 forevernickred 20070401
19165296266111173946deed  CROKERAndrewmerchantlate of Cork city P2     Knocknavkagh, Saperton P1 tp P2nickred 20070401
2573071374259392017491230deed ACROKERAndrewGentRawlistown LIMP1     23 Feb 1749Two houses in Galway town (Garter in Shamble St; Bridge St House in Bridge St) from A to B for lives C, D & Fnickred 20070401
2690921504121027011752413ID  CROKERAndrewEsqAnnitt, LIMP2D 1728215 13 Apr 1752The groom in earlier marriage settlementRoz McC 20070401
2690851504121027011752412indentureMS tidy upCCROKERAndrewEsqAnnit LIMP2 1728215 13 Apr 1752deed of settlement on intermarriage of C and D A surviving trustee of MS, trust transerred to B to do as MS requiresnickred 20070401
26910215041310270217282154 part releaseMSDCROKERAndrewEsq, second son of B P1    A18 Apr 1752MS of D and J £1000 marriage portion secured of various properties in Galway. Life use by D of hounses in Galway reversion to B; lands of Anhitt Life use of D then his sons in default to heirs of Bnickred 20070401
2750521573801051841752719L + R ACROKERAndrewEsqAthalaky LIMP1     30 Oct 1752Anhitt, by Coshma LIM, P1 to C for £800 with clause of redemption @ 6 % panickred 20070401
274233156393106259175031agreement ACROKERAndrewGentBallingale in S Libs of LimerickP1     17 Jan 1753house adjoining Galway gaol for 31 yearsnickred 20070401
274238156394106260175031agreement ACROKERAndrewGentBallingale in S Libs of LimerickP1     17 Jan 1753house in Kerwin's Lane Galway for 31 yearsnickred 20070401
2784571611781081761751122articles of agreement ACROKERAndrewGentAnhit LIMP1P1    20 May 1753quarter of Anhit for lives D, E + F from 1 May next @ 13s per plantation ac except part occ by H under lease for 3 yrsnickred 20070401
2816121645351116951753910L + R mortgage CCROKERAndrew[brother of B] RP     16 Feb 1754Anit: A to B further collateral of £800, rights of mortgage on land of C + Dnickred 20070401
2895611732801162081752317deed ACROKERAndrewEsqAnhid LIMP1     15 Feb 1755part of Anhidnickred 20070401
2897701734331168181755111deed ACROKERAndrewEsqClorane LIMP1     21 Apr 1755part of Anhid; for lives of B, C + Dnickred 20070401
292936180343120801175625L + R DCROKERAndrewEsqAthlacca LIM bP1    11 May 1756A sold Anit [Anhid] to B clear of all encumbrances; a:11 Sep 1753 C to A; b:19+20 Jul 1752 D + E motrtgaged to C; d:11 Sep 1753 C sold mortgage to Anickred 20070401
2934301814401212671751124lease ACROKERAndrewEsqAnnith LIMP1     16 Jun 1756A demised to B that part of Annith in possession of B + C at 11s per acre (B made his mark rather than signing)nickred 20070401
30288820153013429917591211Mortgage OCROKERAndrew Cork City O adj    22 Dec 1759 Roz McC 20180916
304137202508135023176038Deed Poll MCROKERAndrew   P    8 Mar 1760M&N granted a mortgage to D on lands of Annitt, LIMRoz McC 20181013
305836207566138399176043indented deed ACROKERAndrewEsqGalway townP1 176043 17 Jan 1760C mortgaged propoerties in Galway to provide payments to B: anniuiety of £24 to B from the lands of Anhittnow in the possession of D plus some other clausesnickred 20070401
309655219529144584176045mortgage BCROKERAndrewEsq, second son of FGalway townP1 1728215 29 Nov 1762deed of mortgage on houses in Galway providing for the £400 due as one third of £1200 provision made in MS of B & K dated 15 Feb 1728 Book 150 Page 413 Memorial 102702nickred 20070401
311945225551147600176389agreement CCROKERAndrew[father of A, deceased]  aP1 bP1    5 Sep 1763Anhid (part) 133 ac: A to B for £110 + rents agreed by C in earlier leases for lives renewablenickred 20070401
3331872695901818891760910ID assignment on earlier deed BCROKERAndrewEsqGalway town P1176045 26 Jun 1770Houses in Galway + Anhitt the endorsment which this is memorial C in consideration of £400 sold all his rights and title to Enickred 20091025
391896359682410351784128lease CCROKERAndrewEsq, father of A        houses in Galway Garter - Blackmoors Head in Cross Street + yard + slaughter house + 2 tennaments; Bridge Street House: set for £100nickred 20070401
3919543593172434351784921lease FCROKERAndrewdeceased mentioned      houses in Galway Garter - Blackmoors Head in Cross Street + yard + slaughter house + 2 tennaments; Bridge Street House: A sold to B for ever @ yearly rent + finesnickred 20070401
410398426285277850179071ID FCROKERAndrewson of D  aP1    2 Nov 1790Reciting L+ R 15+15 Feb 1728 [102702] tennament in Galway + land in Limerick vested in I + J for 99 years from death of F, which occurred in 1776, and lands became vested in M also lease 8 Oct 1766 N to M land in Limerick for lives renewable; houses in Kirwins Lane reputed property of O hitherto in possn of P a slated house 42' on Street 3 stories high 10 eooms 3 chimenies, a yard 40' long 20' broad lands of Anhill [Anhit]nickred 20130804
416519450265291316179257indented deed BCROKERAndrewdeceased       26 Jun 1792House in Kirwins Lane and Mills in Galway to B for ever under intents and purposes of MS of B + J Memorial No 102702nickred 20081206
418387459812928701792816deed BCROKERAndrewGent, deceased        land and houses in B's marriage settlement + Anhid 262ac from A to C for evernickred 20081207

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