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Lease + Release Earl of Limerick to White

Marriage settlement ECHLIN + SMITH

Assignment trust Montford + Gardiner

Lease and Release Malone to Malley

Agreemen Hussey et al to White

Legal settlement White et al to Malone

Assignment White to Malone

Lease and Release Daniel to O'Maley

Will of William Crafford

Lease Hodder to Coghlane

Lease + Release Stewart et al to Hamilton

Lease Daniel to O'Maley

Indenture Baron Altham + Stevenson

White to Russell agreement

Assignment Mathers to Stevenson

Lease White to Roe

Release Danniel to O'Maly

Release Danniell to Maley

Will of Thomas Bernard

Lease Whyte to Campbell

Lease White to Mullen

Release McCausland to McCausland

Agreement White to White

Lease Mathers to Stevenson

Lease + Release McConwell et al to Stevenson

Lease Lord Loftus to Rowley

Lease + Release Westropp to Colpoyes et al

Lease Cary to Stevenson

Deed Poll CONNELL to Fleury

The will of James Hamilton

Grogan to Jacob bargain and sale

Lease + Release Hodder to Webb

L+R McCausland + O to Hamilton

Assignment McCausland to Hamilton

Lease renewal COOTE to HOLMES

MS Crawford + Hamilton

L + R Hamilton + W to Hamilton + O

L+R White to Russell

Assignment Whyte to White

L+R Aylmer to Whyte

Lease + Release Stevenson to Kerr

L+R White to Bradford

L+R Whyte et al to Conolly

Lease Whyte to Reddy

Agreement Lord Shannon to Drynan

Lease McCausland to McCausland

Indenture Daunt et al to Daunt et al

Marriage settlement M'Causland to Hamilton

Lease + Release Hodder et al to Newman et al

Lease + Release Piersy to Longfield

Marriage Settlement Stawell + Cooper

Demise White to Kelly

Assignment ROSE to CROKER

Lease McCausland to Caldwell

Will of John Cooke

Lease + release pre death settlement SWAN to SWAN

Lease + release Fowke + ors to Miller

Lease Whyte to Marshall

Lease Griffith to Irwin

Lease Hamilton to Colhoun

Marriage settlement SPEER + STEVENSON

Lease Eustace to White

Lease Lord Charlemont to Huggan

Lease Hamilton to Huggins

Lease Griffith to Irwin

Deed poll Leadlie and wife to Appleton

Lease + release Knox to Irwin

indenture Hamilton to Hamilton

Trust Hamilton to Graham

Assignment Stinson to Byrn

Lease French to Irwin

Lease Irwin to Irwin

L+ R Hamilton to Hamilton

L+R Hamilton to Hamilton

Demise Lockhart to White

Release Colhoun to Hamilton

Lease Hamilton to Catheart

Lease Coveny to Morley et al

Lease Hamilton to Dobbin

Lease Hamilton to Hamilton

L+R Hamilton W+S to Hamilton O

Will of John Huggins

Release Hamilton to Hamilton

Lease McCausland to Maxwell

Marriage settlement Ferguson + Higgins

Lease + Release Irwin to Irwin

Conveyance McCausland to McCausland

Bond Hamilton to Hamilton

Lease Steel to White

Mortgage White to Mason

Marriage settlement Irwin to Thewles

Indenture Coghill to Meade

Settlement Hamilton to Hamilton

Lease Wogan to Quinn

Indenture Hamilton to Hamilton

Mortgage Hillery to Stephenson

Articles White to White

Release Hamilton to Hamilton

L + R Mervyn to Colhoun

Articles Hussey to White to Hussey

Marriage settlement HAMILTON + HAMILTON

Assignment White to Scaife

Mortgage Craford to Hamilton

Lease Whyte to Batter

Marriage settlement BURCH and LEDLIE

Lease + Release Johnson to Irwin

Deed Glascock to Whyte

Lease Steele to White

Lease Irwin to Irwin

Lease Wogan to Moran

Assignment Whyte & others to Clark

Settlement Tisdall + O to Tisdall + O

Lease Mathews to White

Lease Steele to White

Lease Hodder to Shea

Agreement Hamilton to Calhoun


MS Mercer + Parkinson

Conveyance Hamilton to Calhoun

Lease Whyte to Braughall

Lease Stewart to Read

Lease + Release Foster + ors to Foster

Lease + Release Jackson to Foster

Lease Whyte to Mooney

Lease Wogan to Moran

Lease Whyte to Batter

Transfer of Trust Dillon to Ryves

Marriage settlement Croker and Taylor

Indenture Tench + Driscoll

Lease Whyte to Broghall

Lease Harrison to Hodder

Conveyance McCausland to McCausland

Indenture Moore Hamilton to Speer

Indenture Daunt to Fuller

Deed Poll Stevenson to Best

Lease Browne to Murphy

Lease Lord Charlemont to Rigs

Lease + Release Stephenson to Johnston

Lease Whyte to Batter

Lease Whyte to Bayly

Lease Wogan to Keating

Will of Oliver McCausland

Lease Burgh to White

Will of William Colhoun

L+R Hamilton to Tisdall

Lease Wogan to Aylmer

Lease Wogan to Aylmer

Lease Whyte to Gore

Lease Wogan to Ribbeny

Rent charge Whyte to Kempston

Marriage Settlement Clark + Ireland

Indenture O'FLAHERTY to RYAN

Lease Potter to Coveny + ors

Deed Poll Stephenson to Stephenson


L+R McCausland to McCausland

Indenture Stewart to Maitland and Others

Will tidy up Stevenson & an'or to Menagh

Indenture Longfield to Longfield

Barry to Croker silver ticket

Barry to Croker silver ticket

L+R Whyte to Somerville

Lease + Release Irwin to irwin

Nagle and Forward marriage settlement

Conveyance McCrachan + O to Eakins

ID White to Mitchell

Assignment Dowling to SWAN

Lease Nixon to White

Release Irwin to Irwin

Agreement White to Holloway

Lease Browne or Wogan to Bathurst

Mortgage McCausland to McFarland

Indenture Irwin to Griffith

Agreement McCausland and McCausland

Release Irwin to Irwin

Marriage settlement – Huggins to Thompson

Release SWAN to FORBES

L+R White to Frizell

Settlement McKissock to McKissock

Marriage settlement Shea + Mahony

Release Fleetwood to White

Indenture White to Frizell

Deed McCausland + O to Campbell

Release White to Constable

ID McCausland to Hamilton

Release White to Grayd

Lease White to Keough

ID Maxwell & others to King

Indenture Irwin to Irwin

Indenture Whyte to Kenny

Lease Wogan to Browne

Lease Wogan Browne to Aylmer

Lease Wogan Browne to Aylmer

Lease Wogan Browne to Hussey

Indenture Irwin to Irwin

Assignment Drinan to Drinan

Marriage Settlement LESTRANGE + CULLEN

Articles Colhoun to McCausland + O

Lease Whyte to McGuire

Assignment White to Lee

L+R McCausland to Johnston

Partition Talbot and Browne

Release Wogan Browne to Caulfield O

MS Wogan Browne and Pearson

Indenture Carty to White

Lease Browne to Nangle

Release Wogan Browne to Nugent

Assignment McCausland to Graham

ID McCausland To Heyland

ID McCausland to McCausland

Separation Colhoune to McCausland

ID McCausland to Eaton + O

Agreement Colhoun to Colhoun

Assignment Hewit to Browne

Lease Nugent + O to Stables

Indenture Irwin to Irwin

Deed Burdett + ors to Browne

Reconveyance Caulfield + ors to Wogan Browne

Settlement TAAFFE to IRWIN + ors

L+ R McCausland to McCausland

Mortgage Drinane to Byrne

Lease Browne to Ware

Lease Browne to Ware

Indenture Meredith to Irwin

Mortgage Irwin to Haran

Indenture Meredith to Irwin

Indenture Freke to Deasy

Assignment Walsh to Walsh

Mortgage MADDEN to O'LEARY

Deed Browne to Aylmer + anr

Release Aylmer to Browne

Release Brown to Aylmer

Assignment Lube to Browne

Lease Browne to Gannon

Marriage settlement Longfield + Lucas

Mortgage Browne to Brett

Conveyance Huggins to Corran

Lease Browne to Lube

Proposal LYNHAM + KEAN

Demise Hamilton to O'Neill

Indenture Hamilton to Hamilton

Release Kennedy to Huggins

Deed Poll Hamilton to Hamilton

Release Hamilton to McFarland

Deed Duff to Donellan

Indenture Hamilton to Hamilton

Assignment Drinan to Daunt

Assignment Jack to Harper

Assignment Huggins + O to Cowan

Marriage settlement HAMILTON HAMILTON

Release Hamilton to Hamilton

Lease Hamilton to McFarland

Marriage settlement – Adams and Dyas

Lease Wogan Browne to Colgan

Lease Wogan Browne to Bourke

Lease Wogan Browne to Quinn

Deed Wogan Browne to Dunn

Deed Wogan Browne to Bussano

Mortgage Thompson to Kerr

Deed Hamilton to Hamilton

Settlement Hamilton to Hamilton

Lease Wogan Browne to Newenham

L+R Hamilton + ors to Stewart + ors

Demise Hamilton to McFarland

Annuity White to Teeling

Lease Wogan Browne to Kelly

Lease Wogan Browne to Aylmer

Lease O'Malley to Marquis of Sligo

Lease Wogan Browne to Aylmer

Annuity White to Teeling

Reconveynce Nugent to Browne

Assignment Jack to Jack

Marriage settlement Irwin + Irwin

Marriage settlement Hamilton and Barclay

Indemnity Browne to Harte

Mortgage White to Davis

Surrender Aylmer to Brown

Lease Croker to Galligher

Release Hamilton to Hamilton

Lease Aylmer to Browne

Release Irwin to Irwin

Rent charge Croker to Richardson

Lease Browne to Griffith

Lease Vandeleur to Chambers

Mortgage Hamilton to Hamilton

Mortgage White to Davis

Renewal Browne to Aylmer

Renewal Browne to Aylmer

Release Aylmer to Browne

Rent charge Browne to Prescott

Indenture Browne to Browne

ELLARD to DOHERTY lease for lives renewable

Lease White to Hanlon

Lease White to Tyrrell

Lease White to Tyrrell

Marriage settlemt Longfield + Connor

Assignment Welsh + O to Hamilton

Assignment Walsh + O to Hamilton

Assignment Walsh to Hamilton

Assignment Walsh to Hamilton

Release Irwin to Walker

Marriage settlement Irwin + Irwin

Annuity White to Tyrrell

Assignment Hamilton to Hamilton

Annuity Hamelton to Chaloner

Assignment White to Sheehan

Deed Jack to Jack

Assignment Croker to Smyth

Marriage settlement CROKER + WOLFE

Assignment Sibthorpe to Williams

Mortgage Hamilton + O to McCauce + O

Sale Hamilton to Graham

Reconveyance Hamilton to Hamilton

Assignment Hamilton + O to Rolleston

Indenture Blake + ors to Kenny

Assignment Hamilton to Moore

Partnership Sibthorpe + Sibthorpe

Assignment Drumm to Sibthorpe

Assignment Montfort to Dowd

Marriage settlement Sibthorpe + Smallman

Mortgage Disney + O to Lee + O

Marriage settlement Fishbourne + Freeman

Lease Soulden to Bullen

Will of Eusebius Low

HAMILTON + STOPFORD renunciation

Conveyance Darlington to McDonald

Conveyance Blake + O to Blatt

Mortgage Disney + O to Ferguson

Assignment Coveny to Shea

Lease Ro[d]gers to Hamilton

Conveyance Hamilton to Lyons

Assignment Montford to Kennedy

MS Hamilton and Johnston'

Mortgage Hamilton to Johnston

Settlement Hamilton to Hamilton

Conveyance Hamilton to Burgoyne

Mortgage Hamilton to Bond

Assignment Hodder to Davis

Indenture Croker to Grene

Assignment Sibthorpe to Going

Assignment Berewell & ors to Cavendish & ors

Assignment Berewell & ors to Cavendish & ors

Conveyance O'Malley to Cromie


Conveyance Hamilton to Sinclaire

Conveyance Sproull & o[the]rs to McNeill