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Memorial 1938
Marriage settlement ECHLIN + SMITH
Memorial 7104
Lease and Release Daniel to O'Maley
Memorial 9934
Lease Daniel to O'Maley
Memorial 18276
Release Danniel to O'Maly
Memorial 23350
Lease Mathers to Stevenson
Memorial 36525
Lease Cary to Stevenson
Memorial 38962
Lease + Release Hodder to Webb
Memorial 48155
Indenture Daunt et al to Daunt et al
Memorial 49991
Marriage Settlement Stawell + Cooper
Memorial 51820
Lease + release pre death settlement SWAN to SWAN
Memorial 54376
Lease Griffith to Irwin
Memorial 57085
Lease Hamilton to Huggins
Memorial 60385
Lease + release Knox to Irwin
Memorial 67233
Lease Irwin to Irwin
Memorial 75752
Marriage settlement Ferguson + Higgins
Memorial 78518
Indenture Coghill to Meade
Memorial 83797
Lease + Release Johnson to Irwin
Memorial 93968
Memorial 99534
Lease + Release Jackson to Foster
Memorial 104312
Indenture Tench + Driscoll
Memorial 110666
Indenture Daunt to Fuller
Memorial 113941
Lease + Release Stephenson to Johnston
Memorial 137065
Lease Potter to Coveny + ors
Memorial 148530
Indenture Stewart to Maitland and Others
Memorial 155018
Barry to Croker silver ticket
Memorial 160135
Assignment Dowling to SWAN
Memorial 192402
Release Irwin to Irwin
Memorial 203867
Marriage settlement Shea + Mahony
Memorial 232653
Assignment Drinan to Drinan
Memorial 293912
Mortgage Drinane to Byrne
Memorial 313799
Indenture Meredith to Irwin
Memorial 319859
Mortgage MADDEN to O'LEARY
Memorial 347778
Assignment Drinan to Daunt
Memorial 391038
Lease O'Malley to Marquis of Sligo
Memorial 441941
Release Irwin to Irwin
Memorial 469717
Marriage settlemt Longfield + Connor
Memorial 542735
Assignment Croker to Smyth
Memorial 574598
Indenture Blake + ors to Kenny
Memorial 579453
Assignment Montfort to Dowd
Memorial 900001
Lease Soulden to Bullen
Memorial 183414062
Assignment Coveny to Shea
Memorial 183820139
Indenture Croker to Grene
Memorial 184820197
Memorial 2502
Assignment trust Montford + Gardiner
Memorial 8551
Lease Hodder to Coghlane
Memorial 10677
Indenture Baron Altham + Stevenson
Memorial 18277
Release Danniell to Maley
Memorial 23544
Lease + Release McConwell et al to Stevenson
Memorial 36794
Deed Poll CONNELL to Fleury
Memorial 43795
Lease + Release Stevenson to Kerr
Memorial 49305
Lease + Release Hodder et al to Newman et al
Memorial 50840
Assignment ROSE to CROKER
Memorial 52092
Lease + release Fowke + ors to Miller
Memorial 56219
Marriage settlement SPEER + STEVENSON
Memorial 58321
Lease Griffith to Irwin
Memorial 64499
Assignment Stinson to Byrn
Memorial 70050
Lease Coveny to Morley et al
Memorial 76382
Lease + Release Irwin to Irwin
Memorial 80075
Mortgage Hillery to Stephenson
Memorial 86931
Lease Irwin to Irwin
Memorial 96703
Lease Stewart to Read
Memorial 102701
Transfer of Trust Dillon to Ryves
Memorial 107310
Lease Harrison to Hodder
Memorial 111631
Deed Poll Stevenson to Best
Memorial 129922
Marriage Settlement Clark + Ireland
Memorial 144668
Deed Poll Stephenson to Stephenson
Memorial 149314
Will tidy up Stevenson & an'or to Menagh
Memorial 155019
Barry to Croker silver ticket
Memorial 164532
Release Irwin to Irwin
Memorial 192610
Marriage settlement – Huggins to Thompson
Memorial 229742
Indenture Irwin to Irwin
Memorial 279121
Indenture Irwin to Irwin
Memorial 300371
Indenture Meredith to Irwin
Memorial 318019
Indenture Freke to Deasy
Memorial 331948
Marriage settlement Longfield + Lucas
Memorial 357886
Marriage settlement – Adams and Dyas
Memorial 421273
Marriage settlement Irwin + Irwin
Memorial 443742
Rent charge Croker to Richardson
Memorial 472276
Release Irwin to Walker
Memorial 553026
Marriage settlement CROKER + WOLFE
Memorial 578931
Partnership Sibthorpe + Sibthorpe
Memorial 580132
Marriage settlement Sibthorpe + Smallman
Memorial 900016
Will of Eusebius Low
Memorial 183513082
Assignment Montford to Kennedy
Memorial 183821140
Assignment Sibthorpe to Going
Memorial 5213
Lease and Release Malone to Malley
Memorial 9867
Lease + Release Stewart et al to Hamilton
Memorial 16738
Assignment Mathers to Stevenson
Memorial 18403
Will of Thomas Bernard
Memorial 36195
Lease + Release Westropp to Colpoyes et al
Memorial 37864
Grogan to Jacob bargain and sale
Memorial 46858
Agreement Lord Shannon to Drynan
Memorial 49722
Lease + Release Piersy to Longfield
Memorial 51786
Will of John Cooke
Memorial 54094
Lease Whyte to Marshall
Memorial 57084
Lease Lord Charlemont to Huggan
Memorial 58459
Deed poll Leadlie and wife to Appleton
Memorial 64936
Lease French to Irwin
Memorial 73771
Will of John Huggins
Memorial 77822
Marriage settlement Irwin to Thewles
Memorial 83117
Marriage settlement BURCH and LEDLIE
Memorial 93355
Lease Hodder to Shea
Memorial 99533
Lease + Release Foster + ors to Foster
Memorial 102702
Marriage settlement Croker and Taylor
Memorial 109949
Indenture Moore Hamilton to Speer
Memorial 113447
Lease Lord Charlemont to Rigs
Memorial 136330
Indenture O'FLAHERTY to RYAN
Memorial 144669
Memorial 153288
Indenture Longfield to Longfield
Memorial 156088
Lease + Release Irwin to irwin
Memorial 189427
Indenture Irwin to Griffith
Memorial 202077
Settlement McKissock to McKissock
Memorial 232636
Indenture Irwin to Irwin
Memorial 284480
Settlement TAAFFE to IRWIN + ors
Memorial 300748
Mortgage Irwin to Haran
Memorial 319828
Assignment Walsh to Walsh
Memorial 340400
Proposal LYNHAM + KEAN
Memorial 381217
Mortgage Thompson to Kerr
Memorial 436417
Lease Croker to Galligher
Memorial 449802
Lease Vandeleur to Chambers
Memorial 495102
Marriage settlement Irwin + Irwin
Memorial 556479
Assignment Sibthorpe to Williams
Memorial 578932
Assignment Drumm to Sibthorpe
Memorial 588136
Marriage settlement Fishbourne + Freeman
Memorial 183304130
Conveyance Darlington to McDonald
Memorial 183817040
Assignment Hodder to Davis
Memorial 184519078
Conveyance O'Malley to Cromie