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Volume: 6
Page: 431
Memorial: 2483

Transcribed by: nickred

To the Register appointed for Registering of Deeds Conveyances & Wills pursuant to an Act of Parliament made in that behalf

Carsan to Gregory
The mortgage mentioned in this Meml is Satisfied & Discharges as Apps by a Certificate under the hand & seal of Wm Thwaites to whom the same was assigned wch certificate beares date the 5th day of May 1731 wch Certificate is No 1309

A memoriall of a Deed of Mortgage indented dated the seventeenth day of Novr one Thousand Seven Hundred & eleven made between John CARSAN of the City of Dublin Brewer of the one part and the Revrd Benjamin GREGORY of the same City Clk of the other part, Reciting that whereas Charles CAMPBELL and Richard TISDALL of the said City Esqrs by their indenture of Lease dated the first day of July one thousand seven hundred & Six did Demise unto the said CARSAN (by the name of John CARSON) his exrs Admrs & assns a house on the west side of Boot Lane in the L'p[shi]p of St Marys Abbey with Brew House, Malt House, backside Garden and Out Houses thereunto belonging then and now in his possession and his Undertent bounded in the Front with Boot Lane to the possession of Daniel MILLS one hundred
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sixty seven feet on the West with the River Branoge one hundred twenty six feet and on the North with part of the said Lpp then in the possession of Charles CAMPBELL Innkeeper or of Christopher DEVEREUX his undertenant one hundred sixty seven feet or thereabouts more or less with the appurtances situate in the Lpp of St Marys Abbey and County of the City of Dublin to hold unto the said John CARSAN his Exrs Admrs & Asss from the first day of May then last past unto the full End & Term of Ninety seven yeares at the yearly rent of Twenty Pounds Sterg and Six pence Per Pound Receivers Fees and that whereas Martin GREGORY of the said City Baker at the Instance & Request and for the proper Debt of the said John CARSAN together with him the sd John CARSAN by one Bond Bearing date some time in the past became jointly and severally bound unto Wm CADDELL of the same City Painter in the sum or Penalty of One Hundred pounds Sterg conditioned to pay fifty pounds Sterg with interest on a day since past and by one other obligation dated some time agoe the said Martin GREGORY at the Instanace & Request, and for the only proper Debt of the said John CARSAN with him The said John CARSAN became Jointly and severally bound unto Ann ORMSBY of the sd City Widow in the sum of sixty pounds Sterg conditioned to pay thirty Pounds on a Day since past and the said Martin GREGORY at the like Instanace & Request & for the Like only proper Debt of the said John CARSAN with him the said John by one other Bond Dated some time past became jointly and severally bound unto Richard STOCESBURY In the sum of two hundred Pounds Sterg conditioned to pay one hundred pounds Sterg on a day some time since Elapsed , the said deed of Mortgage witnesseth that the said John CARSAN in order to save harmless the said Martin GREGORY his Heirs Exrs and Admrs and his and their lands tenements goods & Chattles of & from the said recited Bonds and in Consideration of one hundred and twenty Pounds Sterg paid to him the Said John CARSAN by the said Benjamin Hath Granted transferred & made over unto the said Benjamin in All that the before mentioned House Brew House Malt House Backside Garden Out Houses and Premisses in the said lease granted with their Appurtances to hold unto the said Benjamin GREGORY his Exrrs Admrs & Asss from Thencedorth during all the residue of the said ninety seven yeares granted by the said Lease subject to a proviso in the said Mortgage contained That if the said John CARSAN his Heirs Exrs Admrs or Assigns should before the sixteenth day of Febry next Discharge the said Fifty Pounds and interest due to the said Wm CADDEL and on or before the first day of Janry next discharge the said thirty pounds & Interest payable to the said Anne ORMSBY and on or before the Twenty first day of February next discharge the said one hundred pounds & interest payable to the said Richd STOKESBURY and in the mean time indemnify the said Martin GREGORY his Heirs Exrs Admrs or Assignes should pay unto the said Ben GREGORY his Exrs Admrs or Ass the sd One hundred and twenty pounds Ster & Interest an the seventeenth of May next ensuing the date of the said Mortgage that then the said deed of Mortgage should be void Which sd Mortgage was witnessed by Anthony WATERS of the City of Dublin Cloathier & Saml COTTON of the same city Notary Public

Ben GREGORY (seal)

Signed and Sealed in the presence of us

The above named Samuel COTTON came before me and made oath that he saw the above named John CARSAN and Benjamin GREGORY duly seal & execute the deed of Mortgage (of which the above writing is a Memll) and that he also saw the said Benjamin GREGORY sign & Seal the sd Memll and that the name (Sam COTTON) subscribed as a witness to the said deed and Memll is this Dep[onen]t's proper handwriting and that the said Memll was delivered to Mr Bruen WORTHINGTON Dep Regr an Tuesday the Twentieth day of Novr 1711 at or near four a Clock in the afternoon Sam COTTON Jur Cor me 20o die Novr 1771 Bruen WORTHINGTON Dep Regr

Page 432 is not included in the FamilySearch microfilm. This transcription is from a photo of the memorial book taken in July 2023