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Some unusal consideration in memorial books – Registry of Deeds Index project

Mike Vancouver

November 2018

I have found the following occurrences of unusual consideration in memorials. The landlords were demanding some interesting items of their tenants. I would be interested in hearing from others some more examples to add to my initial collection.

208898521717£26 rent + 2 sugar loaves or 10s. in lieu
34193211661722£80 rent with 2 fat capons at Christmas or 5s. in lieu, and one bushel of Eels every year
49536331891724£40 ster. rent, if rent is behind, 1 full hogg or 20s. in lieu
76116531301725£22.8.4 for 1st year £27.1.8 for years 2 to 16, and £18.2.6 for the last 15 years together with 1 fat custom or duty mutton or 3s. 8p. in lieu at the election of Joshua Tench and 1 couple of fat pulletts yearly from each house or tenement, excepting Murphy’s house
483443179717255s. ster. rent plus 2 fat capons or 2s. 6p. in lieu at the Nativity of our Lord, yearly
49408326671726£60 rent for the first 3 years and afterwards at £80 with 2 fatt capons at Christmas yearly or 5s. ster in lieu, also one Bushell of Eeles every year to be taken in the Eles weyre on the premises
69251481561731£52 ster. plus 2 hens from each house every year or 1s. in lieu, 1 fat hog per year or 1s. in lieu when requested, also 600 oysters as Thomas Hodder demands, per year or 6s in lieu
76533557411735£40 ster. and 2 fat capons at Christmas or 2s.6p. in lieu
108214760041742£16 ster. with 6p. ster. for every pound for receiver fee, and at Christmas day each year, 4 fat pullets or 2s. 6p. in lieu
114424794701744£45 rent together with one fat weather or 5s in lieu
116373809351744£31 7s. with one fat sumers sheep, four horses and carriages to draw home turfe or stones’ or 10s. in lieu yearly
2003681335081751£21 6s. 1p. with 1 fatt hogg or 10s. in lieu every Feb 1
1875331265581753£25.4 together with a couple of Duly hens out of each house or 1 shilling in lieu at the election of Joshua Tench, plus one hoggs head of cider 4 barrells of choice Red apples to make same, and 1 fatt Hogg worth at least 15 shillings
1993661324851759£21 10.s ster. rent plus one Michaelmas goose 2 strovetide hens plus 3 horses and carriages to draw turf or stones or 2s. in lieu
2553981692691767£35 rent plus 2 suggar loaves of ten pounds each at Christmas or 5s in lieu
35023233074178214s. per acre rent including 5 bacon hogs to be delivered in December or £10 in lieu
3172942175681788£38 rent + 2 fat capons or 2s. 6p. in lieu

Please send me an with your example in a similar format to the above.