Registry of Deeds macro workbook indexing


This page has a short (17m 22s) video that shows how to use the macro workbook enter data and have it transformed to a database format that is easy to be included in the main index database.


For the past few years I have been using a macro workbook to assist my indexing of memorials of deeds. The workbook is set up so it fits with the flow of data as the memorial is read. It automatically assigns a person code so that you can use the code as shorthand to refer the different people mentioned in the deed. The workbook can generate the person for over 100 people.

The data is compiled in a format that is similar to the output you get is you search for and find a memorial number e.g. 157604

The memorial being indexed in the video is on page nine of Book 247 image 11 and memorial number 157874.

The video guide

The video

The video is best viewed in full screen.

The workbook is available here.