Navigating the FamilySearch films on-line


Since the end of 2016 FamilySearch has been publishing images from the microfilms of the records in the Registry of Deeds. This is a tremendous boon for researchers as they can view indexes and memorial transcription volumes on line. Research queries can be done very quickly.

Memorial transcription books

You can quickly go to the relevant image collection by using the widget at the bottom of every page of this progect's website. Put in the volume number and press enter or click on the "Go to" button. Say we are wishing to go to book 660 looking for memorial 453408.

go to a memorial book film

This brings up the film in thumbnail view at the beginning of the book.

a film

There are 585 images in this film. We note that 660 is the second volume on this reel so we need to find where it starts. So we jump to image 290 which is about half way through the film by entering 290 in the image box.

a film

In this case we see the beginning on the book 660 images a couple of rows below image 290. Page 1 of book 660 is at image 311. Say we were looking for 453408 on page nineteen, we start looking at imahe number 321. There are two pages in each image and ten thumbnails in each row. Double clicking on the thumbnail brings up the large image that we can magnify using the scroll wheel or the + sign at the left of the screen.


After zooming in we see we are on page 18. The facing page is 19.


Dragging the image across we find the memorial we were looking for No 453408.

While this has been a simple exercise, a larger page number may take a little more effort as some pages are imaged more than once. Generall using simple artitmetic noting there are two pages on an image will get you close. You can toggle between the large images and the thumbnails using the icons in the black box at the left side of the browser window.

toggle on large imageClicking on the icon with the tiny squares takes you back to the thumbnail images

toggle on small imageClicking on the square inside a square takes you to the highlighted large image.

Pressing your browser back button will take you back to the Catalogue entry.

Good luck with your research

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