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Update of 31 December 2023 – 577,000 index records from 59,550 memorials of deeds.

admin 31/12/2023, 18:05

Thanks again to our wonderful volunteers we have rounded out the year with a nice round number of 577,000 index records from 59,550 memorials of deeds.

The highlighted deed is memorial

It is interesting on a number of levels:
Firstly the bride and groom are identified but no mention of the groom's contribution.
Secondly the memorial from 1777 mentions a marriage that occurred in the early 1700s. It mentions a number of Limerick/Cork families and of interest to me another line of descent from the first John CROKER of Ballyneguard. His daughter, Catherine CROKER, married firstly to William IEVERS and secondly to John WALTHO. Of the four children I have only found Anne who married Benjamin BARRINGTON and the Edward mentioned in this memorial. There were a number of people named Croker BARRINGTON in the descendants of Anne and Benjamin. Edward seems to have only had one surviving child the Mary WALTHO mentioned in this memorial.

All the best for the new year and I hope you also find some interesting snippets in the Registry of Deeds in the new year.

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