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The purpose of this page is to share infomration and tips about indexing for the Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland.

Update of 24 July 2022 – 496,792 index records from 51,821 memorials of deeds

admin 24/07/2022, 21:02

A small update getting closer to the magic 500,000. Thank you to all volunteers for their work.

While the number of new entries is a little slower, we have been improving the quality of the main database correcting some errors and working to have all index entries linking directly to the images on Family Search. Now any index entry for a memorial in books 200 and below has a direct link to an image of the transcription of the memorial. Moreover, now more than 80% of index entries have this direct link.

We continue to index marriage settlements and this update's marriage settlement of focus is 401667

Keep searching for free as there have been corrections and additions.

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