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The purpose of this page is to share infomration and tips about indexing for the Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland.

Update of 23 October 2021 – 450,290 index records from 47,242 memorials of deeds.

admin 23/10/2021, 17:58

Thanks to the incredible work of our marvelous volunteers we have passed another significant milestone of over 450,000 records in the main database from 47,242 memorials of deeds.

Of course, all these records are fully searchable here:

Moreover, direct links to the images on exist for over 71 per cent of these records. All index entries for memorials in books 100 and below are directly linked.

The highlighted memorial for this update is number 235907. It is a sale of property arising from a law suit. It includes many family relationships spanning a number of generations.

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