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Update 22 Mar 2020 -- 345,327 index entries from 37,323 memorials of deeds

admin 22/03/2020, 20:56

Fellow Researchers

Today I completed an update that has 345,327 index entries from 37,323 memorials of deeds. This magnificent result is only possible through the wonderful work of our volunteers. We thank them profusely.

The assault on our lifestyles is tremendous and I hope you all keep healthy. Nevertheless, with less opportunities to do other things, I recommend that you look to take a virtual tour of the Registry of Deeds fantastic records. Consult the many guides at The important thing is to use your time to improve the access to these records by either indexing memorials or transcribing Registry of Deeds grantors and/or land Indexes. If you are under lock-down or are self isolating you may have some time to donate to this valuable project. All the records from 1708 to 1929 are free to view on-line through and you can learn how to contribute using the guides mentioned above. Contact the webmaster if you need more guidance. Just start helping other researchers by contributing to this important project.

The output of the project is fully searchable for free at:

I hope you all keep save and go on with strength to help other researchers of the deeds.

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