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The purpose of this page is to share infomration and tips about indexing for the Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland.

Update of 18 July 2021 – 430,208 index records from 45,332 memorials of deeds.

admin 18/07/2021, 18:29

Thanks again to the incredible work of our volunteers we now have 430,208 index records from 45,332 memorials of deeds in our main database. It is nice to record that we have passed 430,000 entries and 45,000 memorials indexed milestones.

I also note that the number of townland index transcriptions is very close to 100,000 and the grantors index transcription stand at 43,260.

Furthermore, nearly 61% of index entries have a direct link to the associated images in and all the index entries for volumes 1 to 55 have these direct links.

We rely on the continued wonderful support of our volunteers to make this great resource what it is and will become.

Search all the indexes for free at:

The featured memorial for this update is 492086 a marriage settlement for a boot and shoemaker marrying the daughter of a leather seller.

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