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The purpose of this page is to share infomration and tips about indexing for the Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland.

Update of 07 October 2021 – 447,409 index records from 46,955 memorials of deeds

admin 07/10/2021, 21:08

Through the excellent work of our volunteers we are getting very close to 450,000 records in the names index database. We now have 447,409 index records from 46,955 memorials of deeds. We thank all our magnificent volunteers for their work.

In addition, more than two thirds of the names index entries are now directly linked to the associated image on FamilySearch. In fact, all names index entries from volumes 91 and below are linked. Even when there is no direct link there is a link the the start image for the associated book. The image can be found quickly by doing a binary search or by noting each image has two pages of the transcription book. Thus you can get close by dividing by two!

We also keep updating the townland and grantors indexes.

All indexes are fully searchable at:

Also note I have added the recorded registration to the summary for the volume accessible through:

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