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Update of 07 December 2020 -- 387,799 index records from 41,348 memorials of deeds.

admin 07/12/2020, 18:23

Thanks again to our wonderful volunteers we now have 387,799 index records from 41,348 memorials of deeds in the main database.

One of our indexers Kay says the following about a few of the deeds she indexed in this release.
"5 deeds from the Laurence/Lawrence family - collateral ancestors of mine. Interesting to follow the sequence as told by the deeds. Daniel Laurence married Jane Gray in 1832 [1834 Vol21 No194] and it looks like her £500 set him up in business as a china and glass merchant with premises in 9 Nassau st Dublin. During the night of Big Wind 6th January 1839 the house & shop were reduced to ruins but the family survived unscathed by sheltering in the cellar. With the help of charitable donations, Daniel set up shop and rebuilt his business. He moved to Grafton st, and when he died in 1854 his widow Jane continued the business in 1 & 2 Nassau st. Her daughter Sarah Jane assisted her, but there was a falling out between them in 1872 & they agreed to live separate lives, with Sarah Jane receiving an annuity of £26 per annum charged on the Nassau St premises [1872 Vol7 No247]. This disagreement may have started with a porter on the premises who was accused of stealing a purse which was later found on the premises. There was a court case in 1871 where he sued for damages & wrongful dismissal. There was another court case listed in 1873 which reveals a serious family fall out involving various members assaulting each other. I haven't found a report on the case, so it may have been withdrawn. Jane retired in 1873 when she leased the Nassau St premises [1873 Vol33 no105 & 1874 Vol19 p116]. And happily, by 1874, she & Sarah Jane had made up their differences and were living together in Ringsend. Sarah Jane relinquished her annuity in that year [1874 Vol45 no281]."


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