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Update of 14 November 2020 - 384,466 index records from 41,034 memorials of deeds.

admin 15/11/2020, 14:37

Today I completed an update of the main index which has 384,463 index entries from 41,034 memorials of deeds. I thank all our wonderful contributors whose work makes all this possible.

One of the memorials of deeds included is a re-indexing of memorial 32779 in Book 51. It mentions a Religious Guild of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Syth virgin within the Parish Church of St Michin in Oxmantowne. This guild appears in the "Directory of Historical Dublin Guilds" edited by Mary Clarke and Raymond Refaussé which stated a survey in 1708/9 was last record of the Guild. The memorial is of a deed dated 1721 and mentions the Guild and a deed dated 1720.

It is always nice to see how the Registry of Deeds gives wonderful insights into the broader society in Ireland in the 1700s and 1800s.


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