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Unusal transcription error

admin 08/05/2020, 18:40

Sometimes this get a little confused. Today I was transcribing some grantors indexes for the DAVIS family. Part of my process is to randomly look at memorials that have already been indexed. Seeing the not very Irish given name of Fernando I looked at memorial 37469. I saw that Roz had indexed it as Frederick DAVYS These days we can check the image of the memorial book
In the margin it says DAVYS to NEVILLE. The first occurrence of the given name appears to be a transcription error. It has Fredo with the 'o' as a superscript indicating the contraction of the name. If it was Frederick it should have had 'k' as the superscript letter. The transcription of the signature has Ferdo DAVIS.
In 1728 "i" and "y" were often used interchangeably. So there is nothing remarkable about DAVYS and DAVIS appearing on the same page for the same family.
I tend to go with the index and the signature to say Fernando, particularly given the first occurrence has the superscript 'o'.
This is, of course, not reflecting on the magnificent work Roz does, it is simply pointing out a curiosity of an unusual given name combined with a transcription error of the clerk in 1728 writing 're' in stead of 'er'.

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