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The purpose of this page is to share infomration and tips about indexing for thr Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland.

Filling some gaps

admin 12/08/2020, 15:58

The eventual aim of the project is that every index entry points to the place in the image in memorial book where the memorial of that deed can be found. The images have only been available for the last few years so there are many index entries without a direct image link. With practice using a binary search you can find an image fairly quickly. Nevertheless, I have been filling in some of the gaps by adding image numbers to existing index entries.

As of the update of 12 August 2020 all index entries for volumes 1 to 20 have an image link. The proportion of all index entries with an image link is 47.7%.

A good way of seeing this is to go to:

Then click on a volume number. It will show the memorials in that volume with index links.

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