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Deeds Available?

Cinny22 22/02/2022, 15:08

I'm doing family history research. I have a book written by my 5x G-Grandfather, Mr. Mungo William Paumier. His Grandfather Mr. John Paumier fled France for fear of persecution of his religion. John Paumier set up the first Sugar refinery in Dublin. Mungo tells in his book that he was born in 1796 at 13 Phibbsboro Lane, Dublin. I'm now wondering if it is possible to get a copy of the deeds of his house and a map of the area in which he lived?
It's an interesting book, with in it's pages the year 1803 he tells: This year was distinguished by what was called the Rising in Dublin or attempt at Rebellion under Lord Edward Fitzgerald, son of the Duke of Leinster. When Lord Kilwarden was dragged from his carriage and cruelly butchered in the presence of his own daughter......and many other persons were killed by the Rebels. I think we are very luck living in this Centaury.
If some one could advise me with regards to the deeds of our ancestors house, it would be gratefully appreciated. Cinny22.

admin 22/02/2022, 15:08

Cindy to start your research you should consult the townland (or land) indexes for County Dublin.

I note Lord Edward FITZGERALD died in 1798 after being shot by Henry Charles SIRR. The rebellion in 1803 was different. Arthur WOLFE, Viscount Kilwarden was killed in 1803. see: and

Phibsborough Lane is probably close to Phibsborough Road. Shown on this 1798 map of Dublin.

Cinny22 22/02/2022, 15:08

Many thanks for your help. I will take a look, at least now, I know where to start. Had a look at the map...........?Best wishes. Cinny22

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